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As soon as your Compostable bucket hits your doorstep, you’re making a difference. You’re positively impacting our food system and helping to support community well-being, environmental resiliency, and consumer empowerment – or people, planet, and profit.

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Healthier Soil

71,934 lbs

Compost returned to feed soil
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Community Education


Attendees of garden hub
workshops and workdays
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Better Nutrition


LA community hubs growing
healthy food
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Reduced GHG

103,589 lbs

Greenhouse gas emission offset
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Numbers provided by LA Compost.

Local food production plays a big part in building a healthy, sustainable community.
Through our partnership with LA Compost, we contribute to a network of 28 neighborhood farming and composting hubs. These communities enjoy the proven health benefits of working outdoors in a garden setting. In addition, food grown in compost-rich soil has been shown to contain more robust nutrients. Composting also reduces greenhouse gases, which means cleaner air for all of us to breathe!

Composted food scraps produce nutrient-rich soil that retains moisture and grows healthy crops, completing a perfect food-to-food loop.
Contrary to popular belief, food waste in landfills doesn’t biodegrade because there is no oxygen. Instead, it produces methane, a greenhouse gas about 30 times more potent than carbon dioxide. By filling up your Compostable bin, your food scraps become nutrients, not pollutants. Compost also reduces greenhouse gas emissions by capturing carbon dioxide in the air. A twofold solution to climate change! Aren’t you glad you compost?

Compostable’s supply chain is made up of companies that also promote The green economy.
For instance, Roboro makes our sawdust sacks out of textile waste diverted from landfills. Through our partnerships, we help advance the missions of vital nonprofit and social good companies. We want to make sure your dollars and our dollars go towards helping to support locally-based organizations improving the resiliency of our communities and the environment.

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