Compostable is a women-owned, bipoc-owned company whose mission is to close the loop in our food systems by transforming former 'waste' into future nutrients, by encouraging environmental justice, and by providing transparency around food systems in los angeles.

Our emphasis is on empowering local activations, relationships, and communities through education and partnerships that aim to regenerate the balance of earth now and seven generations ahead of us. 

According to the United Nation Food and Agriculture Organization, if food waste were a country, it would be the third largest contributor to global warming behind only the United States and China.


When compostable's founder, monique figueiredo, moved to los angeles, she wanted to continue composting just as she had been doing in her backyard in boston. there was only one big problem: she had no idea where to start.

Without an outdoor space or community composting bin in her complex, she was left with researching a service on her own. That experience left her feeling inspired to start a compost pickup service that was simple and accessible. This would become Compostable! Monique launched the company in June 2019 and flew solo for seven months before bringing her co-owner, Jamie Renee Williams, to grow the business to where it is today


We see Compostable affording people the opportunity to reduce their food waste despite any personal obstacles they may face, such as limited space, busy schedules, or personal discomfort.

We want every subscriber to feel part of a community, part of the solution, and connected to something positive and large. Compostable aims to enable people to take action on critical environmental issues, such as climate change, soil degradation, community self-reliance, and environmental justice.

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Compostable Employee Monique

Monique Figueiredo - Chief Executive Officer / Founder / Co-Owner

Monique (she/her) founded Compostable in 2019 when she saw a need for additional community composting resources. Her vision for a community-led organization is woven through the fiber of Compostable's foundation.

Monique has over 8 years of non-profit experience in human services. She progressed from direct service to management, becoming an advocate for mental health funding and worker safety issues. She has since shifted to sustainability as her avenue to serve others, since caring for the natural world ultimately benefits its inhabitants as well. Monique completed UCLA's Sustainability Certificate program and further developed her knowledge through Kiss The Ground's Soil Advocate program. She serves on the advisory board for RootDown LA and helped start the LA Chapter of the California Alliance for Community Composters.

Compostable Employee Jamie

Jamie Renee Williams - Chief Sustainability Officer / Co-Owner

Jamie (she/her) leads sustainability at Compostable. In this role she advocates for activating the company's core commitment to help close the food system loop through community-led composting, policy advancement and community operational excellence in three key realms - equity, environment and economy.  

Bringing together expertise in UX Design, anthropology, urban gardening and garnering senior management experience that helped launched Tasty as BuzzFeed's most profitable product, Jamie is committed to holistic, inclusive approaches to environmental challenges that facilitate transformation of culture and planet. She recently completed a certification in Harvard's "The Health Effects of Climate Change" course and attended a training called "Coaching Address the Impacts of White Supremacy and Anti-Blackness" hosted by Healing Justice Liberation.

Soil-Building Staff
Compostable Employee Cyndi
Cyndi Ho
Operations Manager
(she / her)
Compostable Employee Andreea
Andreea Botea
On-site Operations & Marketing
(she / her)
Compostable Employee Lauren
Lauren Yang
(she / her)
Compostable Employee Teresa
Teresa English
Eastside & Valley Driver
(she / her)
Compostable Employee Courtney
Courtney Brandt
Westside Driver & Environmental Justice Admin
(she / her / they / them)
Compostable Employee Courtney
Carman Tse
Central Driver
(he / him)
Compostable Employee Courtney
Amy Balto
On Site Operations
(she / her)

“Everything is a resource for something else. In nature, the waste of one system becomes food for another. This is the goal of the cradle to cradle approach: creating a cyclical process instead of a linear one – eliminating waste altogether.”  - William McDonough

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