Food Waste Pickup Service

As convenient as taking out your trash

Turn kitchen scraps into superfood for soil. Just save your food waste for weekly collection by Compostable. We transport it for composting and leave you a clean bucket. It’s that easy!

Be part of the sustainability solution.
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Composting creates a perfect
food-to-food loop.

Reducing food waste and regenerating soil are two of the best ways to help reverse climate change. Composting does both.

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How Compostable Works


Subscribe online using our simple sign up form.


Your startup kit with a 4-gallon sealable bin is delivered.


Fill your Compostable bin with approved food scraps.


Get a clean bin each week when we pick up.
List of Approved Compost Items


Like recycling, just separate your compostables and put them in your bin. Each week we pick it up from a designated outdoor location at your home.


We leave you with a clean bin every week and deliver your food scraps to our nonprofit partner, LA Compost, who works their magic.


Compost made at LA Compost is used in members’ gardens and sold to urban farmers. As a Compostable subscriber, you are the first stage in the pipeline.

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Why Compostable?

Composting is one small act with many large benefits. But doing it on your own can be challenging. We get it! That's why we handle the difficult parts for you. And just by signing up with us, you’re supporting a whole eco-friendly community!

What We Do

Company Partnerships

Compostable wants to reach net zero environmental impact. So we choose eco-friendly suppliers and work with nonprofits committed to a sustainable future.

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Environmental Benefits

Turning food waste into nutrients for healthy gardens is one of the best ways to help cut greenhouse gas emissions and revitalize depleted soils.

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Community Well-being

From providing meaningful employment to inspiring collective action, we're all about building more sustainable communities.

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What Your Subscription Does

Use Your Purchasing Power

Consumer activism works! By spending on products and services that deliver positive benefits, you help change the larger system.

See Your Impact

Compostable weighs each bin of kitchen waste. Over time, you'll be able to login and see how much carbon you kept out of the atmosphere.

Lead the Way

Studies show we all care about the environment, but we need to believe others care, too. Lead the way by proudly putting your Compostable bin out each week.

Join the movement!

We Serve

Currently Compostable serves all communities on the Westside. We are always expanding, so please contact us if you live near the area.

WeeklY Pickups

On our start up visit, we’ll choose a place to leave your bin for weekly collection. Fill it up and leave it out on your pickup day. We take the full bin, and leave you a clean one. Simple!


We all know somebody who seems to have everything – but they probably don’t have a compost pickup service! Give a gift that keeps on giving back in so many world changing ways.

Since 2013, our nonprofit partner, LA Compost, has been making a measurable difference.

144,000 LBS
71,934 LBS
103,589 LBS

Your participation matters. Together, we can do so much more!

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Live your values and make a major difference – with no major lifestyle change.

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