Dec - Jan Book Club

Build Knowledge & Community
July 15, 2022

Want to expand your knowledge & learn how to take action in your community? Join Compostable's book club!

Every other month, we share a 3x3 bingo card that outlines different resources. We pull from various media types to ensure all learners can meaningfully participate. Some are short articles or activities, while others are longer documentaries or podcast episodes. And of course, one book is always featured! We also host a forum for discussions so we can learn from one another.

Resource topics include: soil health, community involvement, policy advocacy, BIPOC wisdom, & general sustainability. Suggestions are always welcomed and can be sent to

As an added bonus, anyone who completes three activities in a row wins a free bag of compost tea!

December - January Bingo Card

Click here for a downloaded PDF with hyperlinks to each resource

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