Environmental Justice Fund

Climate Action for LA's Frontline Communities
October 8, 2021

CompostableLA works to encourage environmental justice by empowering local activations through education and partnerships that aim to regenerate the balance of earth now and seven generations ahead of us. Our Environmental Justice Fund Plan was created to advance this part of our mission by redistributing wealth in our communities.

When you sign up for this subscription, ten dollars from your EJ Fund Membership fee is used to fund projects that help make Los Angeles a more environmentally equitable city. EJ Fund Members receive a link to a shared tracking sheet so they can see exactly how these funds are being allocated.

The initial projects for our EJ Fund are in partnership with RootDown LA. RDLA is a non-profit organization dedicated to youth empowerment via health food ventures. They partner with schools, businesses, and nonprofits to expand local food systems and teach young people invaluable leadership skills. Highlighted below are outlines of our first projects with them -- educational signage and a seed library at Carver Middle School!

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