We'd like to reintroduce ourselves.

We're more than just a pickup service. Which Compostable service is right for you?
March 4, 2024
Flowchart of services offered by Compostable LA.

Hey👋 We’d like to reintroduce ourselves.

Since 2019, Compostable has been working to heal the soil in Los Angeles. What started as residential food scrap pickups has evolved into a larger movement of Angelinos from many different industries, all uniting to support our local food system. 

That being said, we've been working hard to fill the composting gaps in our community. Los Angeles is full of diversity and abundance, meaning there is certainly no 'one size fits all' for it’s composting needs. From large-scale events to productions, small businesses to apartment communities, composting can look different in every situation. That's the beauty of community composters - local infrastructure means the systems are developed to meet the needs of the specific community in which they operate.

The strongest, most stable ecosystems have diversity and redundancy. We believe the same is true for human systems, like composting. That’s why Compostable provides an alternative to the industrialized food and waste systems. We provide an opportunity for your food to exit your life as consciously as it came into your life.

Which composting option is right for you? Keep scrolling to find out! 

Residential Composting

Our pickup program keeps scraps within ten miles of origin through a decentralized network of partner farms. This creates a hyper-local closed loop system and keeps food scraps within the city of Los Angeles, where they are used to heal our soils. Choose from our standard, carbon, environmental justice, or drop-off plans. 

Standard Plan: Every diversion plan comes with a 4 gallon sealable bin, educational welcome card, metric tracking, and $0.01 payment for every successful collection.

Carbon Plan: The same as Standard, with the addition of sawdust - a powerful odor eliminator to mitigate pests and mold. Sawdust is distributed in an upcycled pouch, which can be refilled as often as needed.

Environmental Justice Plan: The same as Standard, with the additional $10 membership fee going to our Environmental Justice Fund. This program allows us to support programs that create a more environmentally equitable Los Angeles. Click here to learn more.

Drop-Off Plan: Bring food scraps to one of our drop-off sites as often as you would like. Current locations are in Mar Vista, Highland Park, and Woodland Hills. 

Backyard Composting

The most sustainable way to compost is right at home. This means food scraps aren’t being transported at all, which reduces emissions and returns those nutrients to your soil to grow more food! Compostable specializes in the installation and management of all kinds of composting systems - no matter your size. From worms to 3-bin systems, bokashi to Aerobins, we’re here to help you meet your sustainability goals in any space. 

Click here to get started.

Corporate Office Composting

Invite Compostable to your workspace! Boost your property’s environmental impact, connect staff to your local food system, and create meaningful educational opportunities. 

Did you know: a single employee in a commercial building generates an average of 1 ton (!!) of waste per year. It is estimated that 20% of it can be composted, reducing tons and tons of carbon emissions and revitalizing the soil. 

Compostable offers both pickup and on-site corporate composting programs. Weekly pickups allow for real-time audits of your sustainable workspace, while turnkey composting systems allow you to close the food loop right on your property. 

Diverting your food scraps from the landfill is one of the easiest ways to reduce emissions and engage in sustainable initiatives. Join the soil regeneration movement today! 

Special Event Composting

Organics diversion solutions for experiential marketing, launch events, premieres, galas, and weddings for a more sustainable celebration! 

You no longer have to feel guilty tossing that uneaten food at the end of your event. We manage all aspects of food recovery, including donating unserved food and composting inedible scraps.

We’ll work with your event coordinator to navigate through the greenwashing so they only source truly compostable products. For any events where we aren’t onsite, we’ll meet with your catering staff to ensure they feel confident separating material and reaching your zero food waste goals. After the event, you’ll receive a report of how much material was donated and composted!

Productions Recapturing

We’re redesigning the resource life cycle of a shoot and bringing production back to the local community. Productions are often left with a significant amount of unserved food. Compostable handles the liability, logistics, and all the messy parts to get those leftovers into the mouths of hungry Angelinos and inedible food scraps into our compost piles. Let us filter through the greenwashing for you. We’ll work with your buyers to ensure they purchase through vendors who sell truly compostable products. After your shoot, you’ll receive an Impact Report outlining what you saved from landfill.

We provide Production Studios organic diversion solutions in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Servicing the following for both production houses and on-location:

Film productions | Game studios | VFX | Mo-Cap | Commercials | Photoshoots | Music videos

Soil Care

It’s no secret that healthy plants come from healthy soil. Compost acts as a probiotic for the soil, introducing vital biology that improves plant vitality. Compostable offers three testing and treatments options to ensure your soil is reaching its full potential.

Ground Level

Knowing is half the battle! This service brings us out to evaluate your soil health, test its pH and available nutrients, and make recommendations accordingly.

Summer-ize Your Landscape

Reduce water usage in your garden beds and boost plant production. Our local partnerships give us access to top-notch soil amendments and we love to share! We’ll apply soil amendments and inoculated mulch to feed the microbes and cool the soil throughout the early spring and summer heat.

Boost Your Fruit

Your fruit trees need love for longevity and fruit production. We’ll come once every 3 months to apply soil amendments and inoculated mulch to keep them healthy, weed free, and fed.

Compost Consultations

We’re here to be your friendly neighborhood soil nerds. We've taken all the classes and read all the books, so we're ready to share that knowledge with you. Every consultation is client-led and designed to be individualized to your unique needs.

If you are looking to start your own home system, or troubleshoot an existing system, schedule a meeting with our Compost Specialist to get your questions answered. Not only have they attended training on a variety of composting formats, they also conduct hands-on experiments using different systems. So they really know what works and why!

If you are looking to start your own compost business, or break into the sustainability industry, schedule a meeting with our Founder to get insight from her own experiences. She’ll share the tips she’s amassed over the years so you can get up and running in no time!

Educational Events

It can be difficult to adopt lifestyle changes without knowing ‘the why’ behind it. Luckily, our passion for composting is infectious!

Let us teach your group about the importance of composting, soil health, and ways to start. Whether it’s a company Lunch-N-Learn or Earth Day celebration, we’ll tailor the content based on your group’s interests and background knowledge. 

Choose from our five workshop offerings:

Together we can heal the soil by keeping compost local. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

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