We’ve been featured!

Treehugger, LA Times & more
November 3, 2020

We absolutely love it when we see Compostable getting featured in great websites, publications, and podcasts.

Here are the most recent places that have spread the word about us and composting!


Treehugger - The 9 Best Composting Services of 2020

We’re truly honored to be listed as the Best in Los Angeles! We love this city, our members, and of course, community composting.

Read the article here.


LA Times - She was afraid of growing food, until the pandemic pushed her to do it

Jamie is a co-owner and our CSO. Read about her experience navigating urban gardening, coronavirus, and composting here.


The WASTED Podcast - Compost and recycling chats with Monique from Compostable LA

Our founder, Monique, chats with host, Natalie, about composting, recycling, and a less wasted living.

You can listen to their talk here.

LA Design Festival - Meet Jamie Renee Williams: UX, Product Designer, Urban Grower

It’s Jamie again! In this interview, she is sharing her perspectives on sustainable food systems, the promise of altruistic AI, opportunities in the creative community, and more.

Read the article here.

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