What can you put in your Compostable bin?

If it grows, it goes.
July 9, 2024

It’s often assumed that community composters like us only accept fruits and vegetables, leaving things like meat and dairy with nowhere to go but the green bin. 

That’s not the case at Compostable! We take all things food scraps, and that includes typically ‘hard to compost’ items like meat, dairy, and citrus. The only exceptions to the “If It Grows, It Goes” rule are walnuts and their shells (stay tuned for more nerdy info on that!). Continue scrolling for a full list of ‘Do’s and Don’ts’.

We are able to accept these items because we work thoughtfully with our farm partners to ensure they are utilizing the proper composting techniques for their space and system. When compost systems are properly maintained and rise to the correct temperature for decomposition, items like meat, dairy, citrus, and everything in between breaks down just fine in the compost pile!

We are proud to offer this comprehensive service as a community composter. Community-based composting systems are often overlooked as not being a true alternative to the traditional green bin services. However, our ability to accept all types of food scraps from our members means that it’s possible to close the food loop within the city of Los Angeles. In fact, by partnering with a community composter, your impact goes far beyond the compost pile. You’re positively impacting our local food system and helping to support community well-being, ecosystem resiliency, and consumer empowerment – or equity, environment, and economy. Click here to read more about the benefits community composters provide to their local community and consider switching to a community composter for your organics recycling! 

It is still true, of course, that single-use compostable products are a bit more nuanced for all composters - from industrial to backyard systems alike. We only accept disposable products that have been thoroughly vetted by our team. If you use any bin liners or green bags, this is the only bag we accept. We are building soil, after all, so it’s important that we ensure any disposables break down properly and will not leech any harmful chemicals or microplastics into the environment during the composting process. That said, the usual suspects of contamination like produce stickers, rubber bands, coffee cups, etc. should also stay out of your bin. The general rule of thumb: if it looks and feels like plastic, leave it out!

Click here for a printable Do’s and Don’ts guide! Both English and Spanish available.

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