Where Do Your Food Scraps Actually Go?

Meet The Farm - Orto Farms
March 22, 2024

Map of Compostable's Food System

Transparency is our jam, and that includes knowing where your food scraps go. 

The way our organics diversion model works is simple. Compostable members pay us to collect their food scraps, and we pay our farm partners to process those food scraps into compost, which they use to feed their soil and grow nutritious food. Unlike traditional hauling, everything stays within the city of Los Angeles and nothing goes to waste.

Step 1: It starts at home.

Putting food scraps and other organics into your Compostable bin is the first step in building healthy local soil. It may seem like a small lifestyle decision, but when thousands of Angelinos are doing it at the same time, we can make a direct, tangible change in the local food system. Plus, by removing contaminants like produce stickers and rubber bands from your bin, you’re helping to ensure our soils are not contaminated with microplastics. 

Step 2: En route.

After our drivers pick up every bin on their route, they head to our operations facility in Frogtown, Los Angeles. There, our onsite staff dumps each bin into large totes for easy transportation to the farm. Our onsite staff is the second line of defense against contamination. The quality of organics we deliver to our partner farms is important – we’re building soil after all. 

Andrew from Orto Farms turning a compost pile.

Step 3: Soil building.

Almost every morning, our drivers begin their day by bringing a van full of food scraps to one of our farm partners. We're proud to collaborate with farms in the city of Los Angeles who are committed to closing the food loop through community composting initiatives. Once the food scraps make it to the farm, they are composted and used to amend soil in the farm’s operation. Think of it as returning unused nutrients to the soil, making them available for future crops. 

Orto Farms is one of our newest farm partners and is featured here. Orto Farms grows Italian varietal produce for local restaurants. Proceeds from their farm go towards supporting organizations protecting victims of domestic violence. Be sure to check out Andrew's amazing work!

We hope this transparency breakdown makes you proud to support community composters. As consumers, we hold the power to shape a more sustainable future through the choices we make every day. By supporting local businesses like us and our farm partners, you play a role in reducing food waste, conserving resources, creating local green jobs, and fostering healthier communities. We invite you to join us on the journey towards a greener, more resilient world. Together, we can make a difference—one compost bin at a time.

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