Which Compostable Service Is Right For You?

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March 6, 2023

There are so many different ways to compost - it can be alot to take in! Over the past three years, Compostable’s services have become just as diverse as composting itself (well…almost). Which of our services can best help you reach the environmental goals set by California’s SB1383? And what are the benefits of choosing a community composter like us? It’s a huge question! Whether you’re a resident, small business, or anything in between, we’re here to have the conversation.

First of all, what is SB1383 anyway? It’s a piece of California legislation that aims to reduce the amount of organic waste that’s entering our landfills by 75% by 2025. This is important because when food ends up in a landfill, the lack of oxygen causes it to slowly mummify and create methane, a greenhouse gas that can hold 30% more heat than carbon dioxide in it’s first 20 years. Officially in effect since the beginning of this year, SB1383 has been a catalyst for some changes when it comes to where your food scraps are supposed to go.

We’re obviously down for this kind of legislation! That’s why we’ve been getting our hands dirty everyday since Monique started collecting her neighbors' food scraps in her small, but mighty, Prius. But we understand our limitations. We can’t move vast amounts of waste like some bigger haulers. We can, however, do what they can’t - be in the smaller spaces, educate about the value of rebuilding soil, keep food scraps local, focus on environmental justice, and stay transparent with you all about where your food goes and what fruit it bears (we mean this literally – check out our fruit tree service below!)

By partnering with a community composter like Compostable, your impact goes far beyond the compost pile. You’re positively impacting our local food system and helping to support community well-being, ecosystem resilience, and consumer empowerment – or equity, environment, and economy.

So what kind of composting is right for you? Keep scrolling and we bet you’ll find one you love!

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