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Product Description

Worm-made compost is a high-value soil amendment offers the ultimate vitamin boost: giving soil and plant nutrients, aeration, porosity, structure, fertility, and water-holding capacity. Simply mix into the top soil of any plant. Tended and cared for by the love of our worms and Teresa, our compost queen!

Snag the right volume to fit your needs:

  • House Plant Feeder - 6 cups - Top dress your hungry house plants or potted garden with a handful of this soil to revive and replenish. Sustainably packaged in a reusable pouch.
  • Raised Bed Hero - 4 gallons* - Work into the surface of your raised bed to revive depleted soils and prep for your next seedlings.
  • Urban Farmer - 27 gallons* - Have a larger garden to amend? This is the best choice if you have a big space that needs a big nutrient boost.
  • By the Gal* - Custom project? We got you!

* 4, 27 and custom gallon sizes are for Los Angeles local delivery only.